Consulates Worldwide


   Please find below all Morocco Consulates around the world

Albania - Tirana
Algeria - Oran
Algeria - Sidi Bel Abbes
Antigua and Barbuda - St. Johns
Armenia - Yerevan
Australia - Sydney
Austria - Graz
Austria - Salzburg
Belgium - Antwerp
Belgium - Brugge
Belgium - Liege
Belize - Belize City
Bolivia - Santa Cruz
Canada - Calgary
Canada - Montreal
Canada - Regina
Canada - Toronto
Costa Rica - San Jose
Cyprus - Larnaca
Cyprus - Nicosia
Ecuador - Quito
Egypt - Alexandria
El Salvador - San Salvador
Estonia - Tallinn
France - Bastia
France - Bordeaux
France - Dijon
France - Lille
France - Lyon
France - Marseille
France - Montpellier
France - Paris
France - Pontoise
France - Rennes
France - Strasbourg
France - Toulouse
Germany - Bremen
Germany - Dusseldorf
Germany - Frankfurt am Main
Germany - Hamburg
Germany - Kassel
Germany - Munich
Greece - Thessaloniki
Honduras - Tegucigalpa
Hong Kong - Hong Kong
India - Mumbai
Italy - Bologna
Italy - Catanzaro
Italy - Milan
Italy - Naples
Italy - Trento
Italy - Turin
Latvia - Riga
Lithuania - Kaunas
Malta - Valletta
Mauritania - Nouadhibou
Mauritius - Port Louis
Monaco - Monaco
Nepal - Kathmandu
Netherlands - Amsterdam
Netherlands - Rotterdam
Netherlands - s Hertogenbosch
Netherlands - Utrecht
Nicaragua - Managua
Paraguay - Asuncion
Philippines - Manila
Portugal - Faro
Portugal - Porto
Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
Singapore - Singapore
Slovakia - Bratislava
Slovenia - Ljubljana
South Africa - Cape Town
Spain - Algeciras
Spain - Alicante
Spain - Almeria
Spain - Barcelona
Spain - Bilbao
Spain - La Coruna
Spain - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Spain - Malaga
Spain - Oviedo
Spain - Seville
Spain - Tarragona
Spain - Valencia
Sweden - Gothenburg
Switzerland - Lausanne
Switzerland - Zurich
Thailand - Hua Hin
Thailand - Phuket
Turkey - Istanbul
United Arab Emirates - Dubai
United States - Boston
United States - Chicago
United States - Denver
United States - Honolulu
United States - Kansas City
United States - Los Angeles
United States - New York
United States - Salt Lake City
Uruguay - Montevideo
Venezuela - Caracas

On this website you will find details on consulates around the world. We provide consulate addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, opening hours and more consulate information.

Foreign consulates are bilateral missions abroad. Foreign consulates promote foreign interests abroad. Consulates are subordinate to the embassies and focus on more specific activities.

A Consulate or Consulate-General is a diplomatic representative office or mission. The head of the Consulate or Consulate-General is a Consul or a Consul General.

A Honorary Consulate is generally a independent person who executes certain consular duties. A Honorory Consulate is headed by a Honorory Consul who often works as the diplomatic representative on a part-time basis and often has limited powers. - Please note that we are not the official website of the Consulates mentioned on this website. Furthermore, we also do not have any connection with the Consulate visa department. For further information you can click on our Disclaimer page.